Top coat mat



Viscosity:        1660 – 2158 / 996 – 1245 / 1660 – 1992 cps

Dry Solid:      40 – 42 %            

Persoz:          110 – 130 s      

Bright:           3.2 -3.5 (micro gloss 60º)


This is a white opaque base coat that thanks to the addition of silicon dioxide changes nail surface and/or nail polish once applied altering the light effect turning it into matt.

It also protects your color from fading and chipping


To be applied on bare nail or over a nail polish layer to give a sophisticated matt appearance.

Matte top coats absorb oil and water as you go about your daily routine so the finish will become more satin over time.


Ideal as well for masculine nail care

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