Nail Care products

    Nail care is extremely important because your hands are always visible and must show healthy as the rest of your body.
    Our products:
    Cuticle remover.-
    cuticle removers are creams or liquids that are applied to cuticles and can remove excess tissue and dead skin skills from cuticle. Healthy parts of the cuticle remain intact on the nail. Chemical removers can be a painless alternative to cutting and trimming cuticles. Using chemical removers properly, however, is essential to keeping healthy nails, because using a remover improperly can lead to health problems or the outright removal of the cuticle. 
    Hardener (in two versions with and without formaldehyde).-
    Works to replenish strength and maintain healthy nail protein (keratin) and natural oil balances to protect against cracking, chipping, splitting and peeling nails.
    Piggy paint.-
    to avoid biting nails and that they have a better and healthier appearance, we apply the piggy paint, a bittering, non-toxic basis that repels the taste, avoids and prevents the vice, particularly in children but also in adults
    Rigde filler.- 
    Ridge Filler is a smoothing base coat that fills ridges to provide an even surface for manicures and pedicures
    Top coat (shine, mat and gel effect).-
    A top coat is a good way to protect your manicure from scratches, dings, and chips, and it takes just a few seconds to apply. 
    The nail polish top coat usually only needs one coat of application. It will make your nails appear shinier and glossier for much longer, and may be touched up during the week to renew that shiny appearance. In addition, the top coat will protect the fingernails a bit better from peeling and chipping.
    Base coat.-
    base coat is applied underneath the polish to give the polish a smoother appearance. Base coat hides and smooths tiny ridges and imperfections in the nail. It is like cover-up, or foundation make-up for the nail. 
    It is always recommendable to apply a previous layer of base but very specially when using dark nail polish to avoid to yellowish nails due to their great concentration of pigment.
    to avoid yellow nails (caused by different possible agents as the use of very dark nail polish, nicotine or even fungus and a bad diet) but without using chemical bleaching agents considerably damaging , our whitener acts in an optical way by  the use of specific pigments that react to UV light hidding discolouration and recovering a natural and healthy appearance.
    Oil for cuticles and nails.-
    Cuticle oil is a moisturizing product made from various possible types of oils such as avocado, jojoba, tea tree, almond oil, shea or cocoa butter serve as emollients and they form a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss  and keep cuticles soft, preventing cracking and tears.

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