magnetic nails


Product description

Low viscosity nail polish, with small Micron-magnetic particles

Formulation free of toluene, formaldehyde,   camphor and xylene.

Cosmetic Features

The magnetic Nail Polish contains small metal particles, which react with the magnetic field of a magnet. We have 4 different magnet patterns and a range of 4 different colors.


1st.-We recommend applying a base to protect the nails and to reinforce the effect

.2º.-strongly shake the flask of magnetic nail lacquer, to facilitate the application.

3º.-apply a layer of enamel magnetic "nail to nail", i.e. paint a fingernail and immediately place the magnet over it at a distance of 3-4 mm.(taking advantage of the magnet outgoing edge) without touching the enamel. Hold for 5 to 8 seconds.


Repeat this process on each one of the nails of the hands or feet, to get the desired effect. Let dry glaze completely and get a spectacular manicure.

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