Lip Balm



Lips are a sensitive and very vulnerable part, much thinner than the rest of the face, always exposed to external factors, which are dehydrated and deteriorate easily and that it is necessary to protect and care for.

The lip balm is a product whose objective is, in fact, protect and moisturize the lips, usually with factor sunscreen and ingredients such as vitamins or aloe vera for its recovery, maintenance, hydration and prevention against free radicals.

They can, also give a glossy finish, satin, juicy and soothness depending on the different elements that are incorporated.

Protective lip balms that can arise in stick, jar, pipe or roll-on.

In the case of the stick, with a variety of possible points: blunt tip, beveled, jumbo, teardrop, oval...

With different textures and moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing, protective or repairing ingredients according to each customer's needs and trends of the moment in the market.

Different colors and possible flavors (strawberry, mint, coconut, vanilla, raspberry, apple,...) Also no perfume or taste.

With varying degrees of SPF of 15 to 50.

No parabens and compliance with IFRA.

Also lip balms free of petrolatum, mineral oils and ingredients of animal origin

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