Cracked nails





Product description

A rheology modifier pyrogenic compound is used to form a film or mesh in the product. When applied on the nail over a dry layer of nail polish, this layer softens and the solvent which tries to surface, breaks mesh stretched in a multitude of sites, then making a contraction coat of Crackle product, with the characteristic mosaic effect.

Cosmetic Features

Viscosity : 2100 - 2600 / 930 – 990 /  1880 - 2020  cps

The breaks are formed in the same directions as strokeshorizontal or vertical.

Surprinsing effect to break with daily look

The  more contrast there is between the two colors, the more impressive the result will be.


Apply a single coat of cracked polish over the previous chosen nail polish color (already dry) evenly and without review to get the desired result.

Wait a few seconds and you will begin seeing the crackle effects.


Finally apply a Top Coat or gloss drying layer to protect the effect.

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