Pressed powder


Compact powders. They are ideal for touch up makeup and quickly remove the extra brightness of the skin.

This type of powder is a fast and practical way of perfecting the face before applying the color. Minimizes pores and imperfections and it is sweat-resistant. Radiant Matt effect and skin velvety for hours.

Bronzing powders. They should be used taking into account a golden rule: you have to apply them delicately and in a uniform way, otherwise tanning will not be natural. So that the desired effect is total, you must not forget to use them also in the neck and chest.

To apply compact powder, it is advisable to use a dry sponge, to seal the corrections and the applied basis.

With respect to other types of powders, the compact offer greater coverage and can also be used as a makeup base.

When choosing a tonality, it is better to try it directly on the skin. This will allow to choose the appropriate color taking into account the tone of each face.

Each of these products has a technology that translates into finishes, textures and effects specially created to beautify the skin of the face.

There is a great variety of these products in the market, some with conventional chemical compounds, with minerals and natural ingredients (rice, aloe vera, extracts from plants, etc) with Sun protection or not, some include vitamins among its components, also there are with moisturizing properties special for dry skin, as well as also match up for oily skins.

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