The Foundation of Procesos Cosmeticos S.A. in the 1980s is linked to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Aguado family, related since forever to the world of make up, as well as the entry of Spain in the EU and the consequent access to a global market, to which offer our services as manufacturers to third parties in a new, more competitive, exciting, demanding and constantly innovative environment.


Nail lacquer was the company's first product (still the largest turnover) and then were added products for the face (and body), eyes, lips and all that we will be able to develope in coming years.


Up to coming to our modern current facilities in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona), with more than 5000 m2 of plant, white rooms, perfectly definite working areas, R+D laboratory and 50 workers, the way has been long  but always increasing and stimulating, in all senses, from the year 2000 in which we exceed the 10.000.000 of manufactured units.


We are still evolving, accepting all the challenges that our clients impose on us, every time from farer (of Europe, to the world), increasingly complex, but to which we will never give up, finding the best possible response in each case.