GM´s Message



I can still remember the 80s as a great decade. The country had just emerged from a dark period, after forty years of isolation, we celebrated democratic elections, opened the doors to Europe and the world, and we started to believe in our own capacities.


Procesos Cosméticos S.A. was born with the idea of supplying the female population with quality makeup products, at the same level as European ones and, at a time when women began to play a main role in our society.


And we learned and became great specialists in the manufacture of nail polish, products for eyes, lips and face, until our days in which I can look back with pride and forward with hope and enthusiasm.


After almost thirty years I can testify that to offer the best product possible to our customers and according to their requirements, is still being our top priority, from the point of view of innovation, technical advice, logistics, quality and price and, above all, counting on the human capital as the true strength of our company.


Our current facilities are the culmination of that long undertaken, with latest generation machinery and a laboratory dump in its functions of research and development that feeds the rest of the company.


Al the above described is that we are not merely manufacturers, even not only specialists in the field of makeup, but the guarantee of a cosmetic firm of prestige and total confidence, in a field as dynamic and demanding as cosmetics and that we will go on evolving with.

Always a little bit further...


Ángel Aguado