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Procesos Cosméticos S.A. introduces its new gel eyeliner following the latest market trends.

In solid state, it allows an easy application with a nice fixation and quick dry thanks to the mixture of high performance resins and volatile oils and silicones for a perfect result an ideal finish.

Long-wearing, water-resistant color glides excellent for a perfect silkier, softer finish.


Carnival is coming and Procesos Cosméticos S.A., launches its new range of glitter, with higher concentration

New hardener without formaldehyde


Procesos Cosméticos S.A. launches into markets its new hardener without formaldehyde,

Containing a cocktail of vitamins as it follows:


New preservatives

Following the criteria of continuous improve and advance in the quality of their products, Procesos Cosméticos S.A. has replaced successfully, in all its emulsions and products in powder and after the corresponding stability and efficiency tests, all the preservatives based on isothiazolinones by a blend of emollients and skin conditioners microbiological proven.

It is not only to follow all the European regulations for rinse-on products in detail, but also the natural tendency to minimize any possible alergologic and irritation potential risk.

ISO 22716

Advancing  in quality criteria in a non-stop improvement way and being always concerned about the safety of all our products, we are nowadays implementing the ISO 22716 certificate.

 ISO 22716:2007 gives guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products.

Enlarging our metallic range


Expanding our metallic range: silver, golden, golden rosé, copper, bronze


Preparing the participation in the next edition of COSMOPROF, 2014 in which PROCESOS COSMÉTICOS S.A.  will be featuring seasonal collections, new effects, and trends in the field of decorative cosmetics.



Product description

Inspired by the professional gel manicure, THE TOP COAT GEL EFFECT is in fact designed to add extra strength, instant volume and great shine to a classic manicure.